Monday, September 12, 2011

The End of an Era.... R.I.P Borders Books and Music

As you all know I was a Borders employee for 2 years and I am sad to say that the store we all knew and loved is officially closed. My store was one of the first in my district to close and the rest should be closed by weeks end. We all will miss the amazing discounts, fantastic and broad selection, and most of all the fabulous customer service. There aren't many book stores left and each region of the United States will suffer. Sure, there is Barnes and Noble but lets be  honest, their reward program sucks and the people who work there always walk around like there is a stench in the air. So if you are like moi, and every time you shop at B&N you run into a rude, grumpy associate then I have the answers to your prayers ;) I have done the dirty work and traveled all across the enchanted land of Metro Detroit to find you those great shops that got the goods and truly care about their customers! 

Local Shops:

23023 Orchard Lake Rd. Farmington, MI 48336
(Not only a bookstore but a cafe! The owner is this awesome woman named Sal, and her selection consists mainly of horror,science fiction, Ya, mystery, and some kids. She also hosts a wide variety of events for all types of interests. Try her Vanilla Rooiboos tea with cream, its to die for! Also check out her blog for all the happenings going on Sal's Blog)

145 East Fourteen Mile Rd Clawson Mi 48017
(This is a actually a re-sale shop. There is a sticker on each book with two prices, if you bring in old books you get the cheaper price! They do have all genres but mainly it is a Romance store. They have a decent fiction, horror, and mystery section. You never know what you could find so its definitely worth going in and checking it out a couple times a month.)

901 W.Lafayette Blvd. Detroit, Mi 48226
(A huge, awesome warehouse in Detroit that has such a ginormous selection its kind of hard to explain. So just go there!!! Its worth the trip :) Side note, he has two other locations one on 9 and Woodward in Ferndale and another one on Cass in Detroit!)

And for those of you who aren't from Michigan, I've scoured the internet for some awesome websites.

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