Monday, April 18, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Borders Employee

Yes, that is right... a book blogger actually works at a book store, shocking. Since we all share the same obsession passion for books, I figured it would be kinda fun to show you guys around my store and talk about what I love (and what totally annoys me) about working at Borders!
Break Room!!
I have always been that type that hopped from job to job, because I could never find a job that didn't get boring. I got hired in November 2009 for seasonal but they kept on because they love me so darn much. Even though shelving and alphabetizing can be mindless, it soothes me and has become my favorite task at el-borders. The people are the best and of course being surrounded by books helps! So this post is gonna have a lot of pictures so i'm gonna try to keep the chatter minimal, but everyone knows that is near impossible for me ;)I kinda went overboard and took like 40 pictures at work today but I figured since some of you shop there it probably doesn't look any different than the one near you. This right hurr is my saving grace and the place I go to scream... THE BREAK ROOM! Really plain and harsh lighting, but we have popsicles in our freezer!
Sweet Bargain Picks!
Dusty Stock Room
Okay so this next place is our dirty stock room. I mean it looks all tidy but it is so frickin dusty and it smells like old people. Here is where I hide when we are super busy and I unpack boxes and put them on those cart thingies. This is where some of my best dancing takes place. Borders is pretty much famous for our kick-ass bargain books. There is such a wide variety of books that are actually new and so worth the bargain. Here is some bargain YA books we have, some good picks! I'm quite outspoken and I am known to get heated very easily but you would be utterly shocked with how well I keep my cool with some customers. If you have worked in customer service you know that people can suck. I'm not gonna sit here and be like "ooohh i love my customers, they are all so sweet" cause that is a flat out lie. Now with the customers who are the bees knees, I connect so quick with them and I have spent literally hours with a single customer just talking about books. It really is great when I can have a long convo with a customer. Now there are the customers that drive me nuts. Like the ones who ask questions that the answers are obviously right there on the sign, ex. "So is it buy one get one for every book in the store?" "No Sir, for selected titles only." And after I relay this information they literally get mad at me and huff and puff about how our advertising sucks and we need to be more clear and not lead people on...
It says selected titles on this ad...
One of my fav custos would be the ones who pull me away from another customer ranting and raving about how this book isn't where it is supposed to be, that the computer is a liar, that we are crazy and when we arrive the book is exactly where it is supposed to be and it is more than half the time on a display of some sort. Then I am required to give you this look, which is my YOU CRAZY look. The customers that make me really angry are the ones who blatantly disregard the closing announcements. Even though they are fully aware it is after close they stand around and make a bigger mess and waste our time. I am then obliged to give you this look which is my I AM NOT HAPPY look. Even though there are some things that get me down, I LOVE working at Borders. It is a fun atmosphere and I love what I sell, so I am good at it ;) Quickly before I peace out, everyone if you dont have your plus cards. I'd get them now. Its a 20 dollar charge usually but this month you get 10 dollar border bucks back in may and a coupon booklet worth over $100, the first coup in the book is 10 off your next purchase and its 10% off the purchase when signing up, so BOOM that right there is a paid for membership. If you buy a lot it really is worth the purchase. So for you Borders Fans I hope you enjoyed this little post. Next time you're shopping strike up a convo with a worker, I know they would love to chit chat. Okay readers, what is your favorite thing about Borders? I wanna hear em'!

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  1. lmao I love this post and your pulling faces pics are just fab! I would love to work in a book store but would be broke as all my money would go onto the books :D

    This wee post really cheered me up!