Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So about two weeks ago one of my best friends Monika and I were out eating lunch and we just randomly got the lets-get-a-tattoo impulse of course the next day we got one! We went to an awesome little shop in a nearby downtown area, where I had the best experience ever. Seriously I had so much fun! The shops apprentice was this awesome big beefy guy who was talking about how much he loved Christine Feehan, I about died! But anyways here it is, still kinda swollen 

I decided to get a dream catcher for protection for the three most important people in my life. I also chose it because I have always been a very vivid, and sometimes even lucid dreamer so I figured I could use some protection on that level as well. I have 5 already and am itching to get more! Tattoos are really a great and unique way to express yourself. Do you guys have any tattoos? Sharing time!!

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  1. very nice! also love the reson behind it! I have one, a rose. Me and my friend got one, on the opposite side, a friendship tattoo.