Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where Do You Read?

Today i wondered to myself.... where do other readers, like myself, like to curl up with a good book? Are you the type of person who can bust out a good story while walking your dog or do you have to be in a soft, comfortable space? Now, if you are anything like me you can read just about anywhere. In the doctor's office, waiting in line at the grocery store, or while listening to your professor lecture about The Civil War. But of course i have my one spot. That one place where your friends know they could find you night after night, nose buried deep in the pages of the newest NYT Best Seller. 

My Big Comfy Chair

I'm also a bit curious to other's bookshelves. To me, mine is almost like a work of art. My bookcase not only houses all of my precious novels, but also the smaller, fun to collect stuff too. I tend to find myself re-organizing my shelf too often. You think you have it all figured out, every book has it's perfect place. That is until your next shopping trip to your nearest BORDERS. Then, well, you've got to re-do everything just to find the perfect spot for those four brand new titles. I'm thinking maybe i should to a Bookshelf Tour VLOG soon. Hmmmm...

So readers, here's my challenge to you. Take a snap shot of your favorite reading spot. Take as many pictures as you like. It can be a dozen different places that you enjoy. I'd love to see where you store your stories as well. So go on! Hop to it!

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