Monday, June 17, 2013

#30dayread Challenge

There's a current book challenge ensuing through the BookTube-ing community that's quickly picking up steam.. the 30 Day Reads Challenge.  Of course the moment i heard about this, everything in me was screaming I MUST PARTICIPATE. Lately i've been in a bit of reading slump, so what better way to remedy such a tragedy. I'll be following BookTuber SHOUTAME, and her 30 day plan. Find below a quick YouTube link to her video discussing her TBR pile and a little more about the challenge...

Here's some quick info:

1. Challenge starts today (June 17) and runs through July 16.
2. Read at least 200 pages a day for 30 days
3. Read any book you fancy, whether short or long (a fantastic way to knock out some of those massive novels we all have sitting on our shelves.)
4. By the end of the 30 days, you will have read at least 6,000 pages
5. Follow along on Twitter and Instagram with #30dayread

You can follow my progress here on the blog as well as...
Twitter: hmmcw
Instagram: hmmcw

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